Pneumatic Shaped Solids

Monarch Industrial Tire's pneumatic shaped solid tires are available in three constructions: MonoMatic, Soft-Shoe and Man-Toter, and All Blend used in place of pneumatic tires, these eliminate downtime due to flats, while providing a lower center of gravity for the vehicle.

provides stability and endurance with maximum carrying capacity

  • Available in Rib, Lug and Plain tread designs
  • The Universal compound is standard for most applications.

Offers a softer ride to reduce maintenance costs, while providing high traction and longer tread life.

  • Available in Rib or Lug tread designs, and Wide Profile for largest footprint and highest flotation.
  • Special Compounds: All Blend, Fiberglass, Oil-Resistant and Non-Marking.

An even softer version of the Soft-Shoe, designed especially for personnel carriers and in-plant utility vehicles.

  • Available in Rib and Lug tread designs


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