Rubber Press-On Tires

Monarch Industrial Tire rubber press-on tires are used in drive or steer positions for indoor/outdoor applications. Monarch industrial Tire's special MONOLOK ® process permanently bonds the rubber to the rim for longer lasting protection. Available in three different profiles and three popular tread designs. Dual Service, a premium compound at a standard price, is unique in that it has proven to perform well on both internal combustion and electric trucks. Five special compounds are also available for specific applications.

Low Profile
Provides superior contact areas, giving better load distribution and high stability.
* Plain or Non-Skid
Mono-Cushion Profile
Provides softer ride and easier steering without sacrificing stability and strength
* Plain or Non-Skid

Super Tire

  • Best rolling
  • Superior wearing
  • Softest ride
  • Excellent traction


  • Highest load carrying
  • Easy rolling
  • High Stability
Mono-Grip Wide Profile
Unique wide profile gives maximum contact area for superior stability and load dristribution. Special lug design gives superior traction on all surfaces

Oil Resistant

  • Best resistance to chemicals and other non-chlorinated fluids

Fiber Glass

  • Resists cuts and cut growth
  • Good rolling
  • High load carrying
  • Good stability


  • Non-marking rubber
  • Cool running
  • Easy rolling
  • Good load carrying


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