Your Tires Should be Full of It ...

No more flat tires,
even in the most hazardous operating environments. Full of genuine Arnco flatproofing™, your tires will rol right over spikes, scrap metal, nails, rocks... you name it. You could even shoot them with an elephant gun, and they'd keep on rolling!



Pumped into the tire through it's valve stem,
Arnco's patented , liquid polyurethane
flatproofing polymer replaces all of the air and cures to a resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours. It completely eliminates flats. It works in any tire with a sound casing. It works in the most adverse weather conditions; Arnco flatproofing has been tested to 70° F below zero
by the University of Alaska.
It works to keep your equipment

  • With Arnco Flatproofing your tires are: Full of Safety
    No tip-overs due to sudden flats
  • Better ballast for steep hillside jobs or overloaded conditions
  • Extended limp-in capability - never get stuck due to tire failure
  • Always ready to roll at a moments notice
  • Eliminate the potential for tires or wheels to fail with explosive force.


  • Arnco Flatproofing is available in three grades meet your particular load, ride and traction needs.
  • RePneu® -for medium deflection,
    best for most conditions
  • SuperFlex® -for maximum deflection, approximates an air-filled ride.
  • HeviDuty® - for minimum deflection
    under heavy loads.
  • Full of Savings
    Longer tire life - two to five times longer than air-filled. You get the full tread life from your tires.
  • Better productivity - no more flat tire down-time.
  • Eliminate or drastically reduce frequent tire repair costs.
  • Multiple retreading is possible to maximize the service hours from the tire carcass.
  • Full of Quality
    Superior heat resistance extends tire carcass life.
    Best warranty in the industry.


Questions & Answers
  • Q. Can any pneumatic tire be filled?
    A. Yes if it's in good working condition
  • Q. Are Special rims needed?
    A. No tires are mounted on standard rims.
  • Q. Do tire dimensions change after flatproofing?
    A. No Vehicle modification is unnecessary.
  • Q. Does the tire pressure change after flatproofing?
    A. No. In fact, flatproofing maintains proper inflation which results in cooler running and makes tires last longer.
  • Q. What about the added weight of flatproofing?
    A. The extra ballast actually provides better traction and stability.
  • Q. Will flatproofing increase the carrying capacity of the tire?
    A. No. The capacity is the same as with air inflation. Tires are inflated to the maximum rated inflation pressure.
  • Q. Can a flatproofed tire be recapped and the wheel be reused?
    A. Yes. As long as neither is damaged.
  • Q. What are the real savings with flatproofing?
    A. Flat tires add up! There's the cost of repairing or replacing them and the money you lose in employee and equipment downtime. If it takes just one hour to fix a flat, you'll save an hour's pay for the equipment operator, plus equipment costs and wages for every other employee whose work has been interrupted. And in addition, add the cost of lost productivity.
No matter what your application, flatproofing your tires means the end to expensive tire-related costs, premature tire failure and down time. Flatproof is just one piece of equipment today and we guarantee you will realize savings almost immediately.

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